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"TIME TO GET DISMANTLED!!!"-Nightmare Springtrap to Nightmare Mangle

 Nightmare Springtrap is a minior character who is a possessed version of Springtrap, he is controlled by Hector betruger because he wanted to destroy Samantha for some reason. 


He was a withered like Springtrap since the both of them are withered rabbits, he has spikes on his back, he has the same feet as Nightmare Foxy and Nightmare Mangle, he has a ability to change his hands into chainsaw hands which can dismantle any animatronic (excluding phantoms), he has large pointy teeth like all the other Nightmares, his holes on the bottom and top of both of his eyes are larger.


Nighimare Springtrap like Hector both try to get rid of nightmare Mangle(AKA Samantha) after she got mad after Hector killed Jennifer on accident mistaking her as a animatronic, after Samantha killed herself after she told Hector to leave before she called the cops, now Hector (Nightmare Springtrap) and Samantha (Nightmare Mangle) now try to destroy each other if one of them possesses one of the main animatronics Springtrap and Mangle.


Nightmare Springtrap had only had only a few main and one minior appearances in the SAM and SMM episodes,

SMM (the pilot series)

SMM episode 9, nightmare Springtrap had only a minior appearance, who only appeared for a few minutes, before Nightmare Mangle shows up.

SAM Episode 3 and 4, the return of the nightmares, Nightmare Springtrap had a main role in these two episodes, he was fighting Nightmare Mangle just before the fight ended after 12 AM, more info later after episodes 11,12 come out.

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